Oasis Lawn Care Services

Pelletized Lime

Lime helps maintain a proper soil ph level. In simple terms, lime neutralizes the soil to allow for better turf growth and improved responses from fertilization applications. Lime also contributes to natural thatch breakdown and decreases the incidence of some turf diseases and weeds. Lime treatments are normally applied during the late summer and fall season.

Shrub/Bed Weed Control

Shrub/Bed Weed control is applied to your shrub bed areas during the Spring Season. It is a service that greatly minimizes the event of weed infestation in bed areas. It is important to note that a healthy application of mulch, generally 3-4 inches in depth, to your bed areas, works very well in cooperation with this application to diminish weed problems.

Disease Control

Diseases Control is only offered when disease activity has been detected in your lawn, and only when all other alternatives have been examined in an effort to control the problem. Disease control products are fungicides designed to neutralize the fungal activity in your lawn, which is causing the turf disease.

Vegetation Control

This process is used to completely destroy unwanted areas of wild vegetation such as border areas of heavy grassy weeds or poison ivy infestations. You may consult your lawn care technician for the best approach to control such conditions.


Core Aeration involves the mechanical removal of small cores of soil in your lawn to allow improved air circulation and more moisture and fertilization access to the turf root zone. Core Aeration also reduces soil compaction and disease activity to help create healthier roots and a thicker, lush lawn.

Slit Seeding

Slit Seeding is a mechanical seeding process, which involves the slicing and de-thatching of damaged lawn areas and the application of seed into the layer of exposed cultivated topsoil. This process eliminates the need for total renovation such as costly replacement of topsoil and grading. Slit Seeding does not disturb the existing, healthy lawn areas, and is often much more affordable than conventional renovation.